CCIE Routing & Switching Meets the Real World

Since Cisco’s flagship certification program — CCIE Routing & Switching — evolved from a general networking exam, the credential has focused mainly on the technologies of the industry. However, the brains behind Learning@Cisco realized that, since networking is now a mature industry, the time had come to align the certification to real-life job roles.

“We wanted to make sure that we weren’t just pushing our product, but that we were actually making sure that these certifications reflect what people are doing in their jobs,” said Lora O'Haver, product marketing manager at Learning@Cisco.

The process toward making sure the certification was in line with what networking experts experience in their everyday jobs started with a survey of 1,500 networking professionals. Their responses provided Cisco with the information to create a map of the networking career. This blueprint, in turn, provided Cisco with a list of the responsibilities that networking professionals vetted as important in their jobs.

“The good news is, it wasn’t hugely different from our old list,” O’Haver said.“[In] this revision, we didn’t remove anything. Sometimes we remove technologies [or] protocols that are no longer used, [but] this time we didn’t need to. We did add quite a lot.”

These additions have candidates wondering, how did so much more content get packed into an exam of the same length? O’Haver said to accommodate for the extra material, some lower-level questions were eliminated.

“We’re really focusing in now on the expert level, so we took out questions…

Meagan Polakowski


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