CCA Helps Law Firms Retain Top Talent With Integrated EAP and Work-Life Programs

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<strong>New York &mdash; April 3</strong><br />In recent years, the legal industry has become more entrenched in the ongoing war for talent, and Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) is helping law firms develop a work environment that focuses on attracting and retaining the brightest individuals, partners and associates alike.<br /><br />While lawyers&rsquo; material benefits have swelled in recent years, such traditional perks alone are insufficient to retain or even attract top talent. CCA, a New York-based human capital consulting firm, is building on years of experience with its law firm clients to expand its menu of services, which include EAP and work-life, coaching, consulting and more &mdash; all designed to improve the work environment of lawyers. CCA now helps associates make a smooth transition into the high-stress law firm culture, provides relocation services for individuals and their families, assists with attorney mentoring and diversity programs and delivers executive coaching.<br /><br />CCA&rsquo;s services are designed to ensure that associates&rsquo; needs are taken care of, freeing their time at work to concentrate on being a lawyer. Family support services such as child and elder care, housing and relocation services, marital support, stress management counseling and concierge services all combine to ease the demands of the unique law firm culture.<br /><br />&ldquo;It&rsquo;s a simple case of retention versus attrition,&rdquo; explained John Levy, Esq., who joined CCA as a legal consultant after three years as an associate at a top-tier Wall Street law firm. &ldquo;We understand that most firms don&rsquo;t expect all first-year associates to remain for six years, but their goal should be to keep the most talented people, as opposed to the most durable.&rdquo;<br /><br />CCA&rsquo;s integrated EAP and work-life programs for law firms enjoy utilization rates of 4-7 percent, far above the historic range of 1-2 percent. This is due partly to the way services are marketed. Promotional efforts target all levels of the firm: during the recruitment process, in new and returning associate orientations and in mid-level and senior associate trainings. Specific services are also highlighted; for example, concierge services for employees who work long hours are regularly promoted. Eldercare assistance is also available to partners, who often request help in dealing with the complex issues of an aging parent. Additionally, increasing the visibility of CCA aids law firms in their recruitment and retention efforts.<br /><br />Executive coaching provides managers with leadership skills to guide and inspire their teams to avoid &ldquo;information hoarding&rdquo; and instead motivate associates by explaining the bigger picture, such as why they&rsquo;re taking on a heavier caseload or working weekends.<br /><br />&ldquo;What attracted me to CCA was their ability to make the legal work environment the best it can be,&rdquo; said Levy, who graduated magna cum laude from NYU&rsquo;s School of Law. &ldquo;Law firms make such a large investment in recruiting, and CCA is here to help these firms control their future. You don&rsquo;t want to leave your talent in the hands of fate.&rdquo;<br />

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