C&B Consulting Introduces Balance Resource

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<p><strong>Syosset, N.Y. &mdash; July 9</strong><br />C&amp;B Consulting Group, a strategically focused benefits advisory firm, has released LifeGuide, a comprehensive work-life balance resource available to employees 24 hours a day.&nbsp; </p><p>LifeGuide is designed to help manage time-consuming work-life balance issues that many employees face in today&rsquo;s demanding business world. <br /><br />LifeGuide is a Web-based tool that assists employees and their dependents with all of their unique and everyday life challenges.&nbsp; </p><p>Whether an employee is facing a major life event such as having a baby or dealing with a routine daily issue such as starting a fitness program, LifeGuide is a valuable source for reliable support.<br /><br />Through its extensive work-life balance Web site, employees have access to value-added services that keep them feeling at ease about their personal lives and more concentrated on work, which in turn leads to increased productivity gains for an organization.<br /><br />&ldquo;LifeGuide is a great tool for increasing the business performance of any company, regardless of size or industry,&rdquo; said James Buonfiglio, C&amp;B Consulting Group president. &ldquo;Its ability to limit unscheduled absences and improve employee productivity has a direct effect on profitability.&rdquo; &nbsp;<br /><br />LifeGuide provides assistance to employees in several different areas, including adult care, child care, education, health and wellness, financial and legal services, daily life needs, pregnancy, adoption and other related issues.&nbsp; </p><p>It also offers an online discount center, which saves employees money by giving access to brand-name deals on hotels, vacations, rental cars, movie tickets, computers, books, magazines and many other items and services.<br /><br />LifeGuide also offers an optional upgrade to premium telephonic and online work-life balance services that provide 24 hour access to work-life balance specialists, as well as additional personalized services such as free legal and financial consultations.</p>

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