• A Windows bug roamed free in the ether for almost 20 years.

    Nearly two-decade old Windows bug Unicorn now saddled, bridled by security experts

    If you’ve been putting off running your Windows Update, then you might want to end that procrastination. On Nov. 11, Microsoft released a patch for a bug that was discovered in May …

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  • CompTIA is seeking IT Hall of Fame nominees.

    The envelope, please: CompTIA seeks nominations for 2015 IT Hall of Fame induction

    ‘Tis the season to be … honored for your contribution to the world of technology and computers. There’s a Hall of Fame for just about every field of personal or professional endeavor.

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  • There's an emerging role third party risk management professionals in IT, and soon there will be a certification to match.

    New third party risk management cert to debut in January

    It’s rare in 2014 for any business entity to conduct all of its operations using only its own resources and personnel. For many firms, it takes business partners, often called “third party” partners, to get things done.

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  • Cisco is making its old certification website look new again.

    New coat of paint, better user experience at Cisco Learning Network

    We’ve all been there. The relationship has gotten a little stale. It’s time to spice things up. You need a new style, something a little daring, a bit more fresh. You try a few things on, maybe twirl in front of the mirror.

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  • Even Harry Potter can benefit from using cloud computing.

    CompTIA forecasts business evolution in latest annual cloud computing survey

    So when you got out of bed this morning and got ready for work, did the Cloud help you shave, tie your shoes, find your car keys and hand you a breakfast burrito on your way out the door?

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  • The Internet of Things is about to have a major impact on ... almost everything.

    British Computer Society debates impact of Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things is everywhere. Maybe not literally everywhere — yet. With 50 billion devices, objects and even such “things” as plants and animals projected to become internet enabled just in the next five years, however, our already wired world is about to experience a tsunami of connectivity. The change is bound to have unintended …

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