• Do you know as much about the cloud as you think you do?

    Addressing common cloud computing misconceptions

    Would you like to store this on your cloud drive? Cloud drive? Honestly, I didn’t even know I had a cloud drive — but the question really wasn’t surprising. Whether we realize it or not, the cloud …

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  • Is the cloud as secure as we think it is?

    Why cloud data storage is secure — and why it might not be

    Nude photos of well-known actresses certainly garner attention on their own, but this summer they drew attention to an unlikely subject: cloud security. Private photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton …

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  • What is the future of cloud computing and cloud technology?

    Long-range forecast: Where will cloud computing take us in the future?

    Cloud computing has had a tumultuous but largely successful journey into the mainstream since its inception. For the average online citizen, the cloud now provides hundreds of gigabytes of free or relatively inexpensive online storage.

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  • Use security passwords to protect your online transactions.

    Best Computing Practices 101: Improve your password security

    Is your most terrifying dark secret that you’ve used the same password on every website you’ve visited for the past 10 years? Are you worried about the security of your financial, e-mail and social media accounts?

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  • How much do you know about hybrid cloud? Would you like to know more?

    To hybrid or not to hybrid: What’s your best cloud computing option?

    I’ve heard it a hundred times: Should I store my files in my Dropbox account or in my Cloud account? Isn’t The Cloud better since it is more modern than Dropbox? I begin to tremble with fury …

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  • Secure your network with these basic measures.

    Build a line of defense with these network security tips

    This feature first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Certification Magazine.

    Criminals lurk in many of the Internet’s dark corners, scouting out victims and eager to pounce whenever they identify a network vulnerability. Organizations that fail to apply basic security controls to their networks face a multitude of risks from anonymous attackers, including theft of …

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