• Handful O' Tablets SQUARE CROP

    There is virtually no excuse to lack hands-on experience

    For the past 15 years or so, I have had a problem with operating systems. My primary computer is always running a recent version of Microsoft Windows. It is the OS that is invariably the one available in the offices where I work. I often have a project, however, that requires some other operating system. …

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  • HTML5 is set to become the new internet standard by the end of 2014.

    W3C aims for full recommendation of HTML5 by year’s end

    Gradually, imperceptibly, beneath your very fingers on the keyboard, the internet is becoming something different. Many users may never even notice the change, especially since it’s not intended to effect what you see so much as what goes on beneath the surface that lets you see it. Since 1997, the internet has hummed along on …

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  • Phone Alone SQUARE CROP

    Dear CertMag: My phone support job is holding me back

     Dear CertMag  is a weekly feature that addresses common questions about certification and related IT issues. Have a question? Send an e-mail to editor (at) certmag (dot) com.

    Dear CertMag: My parents have a mom-and-pop computer repair service where I worked for years before college. I picked up a lot of what I know from …

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  • You're never too young to embark on a career in IT security.

    Whiz kid: Going straight from high school to IT security

    This feature first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Certification Magazine.

    Among the skills sought for work in penetration testing — the branch of cybersecurity in which gifted “ethical hackers” attempt to strengthen network or website security by finding and exploiting weaknesses — are excellence in programming, deep familiarity with operating systems, knowledge of computer …

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  • SkillsUSA rewards students with top cert skills.

    Teens polish cert smarts by competing in SkillsUSA

    Whether it’s marching band, or debate squad, or cheerleading camp, or varsity athletics, kids in high school like to compete. Sure, it looks good on college applications, and parents and teachers like to encourage students to excel. For those who really catch the vision, however, for the ones who stay the course and take daylong …

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  • Jason Pucilowski built himself a computer from scratch.

    CertStudent: Parts in a box for Christmas

    A few years ago, Jason Pucilowski got a unique Christmas gift from his parents: a computer. What made the gift stand out …

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