• You can write your own ticket with the right network security certification.

    From CCIE to CWSP: The best network security certifications

    Network security professionals with proven skills can almost write their own job description. A shortage of networking professionals combined with increased demand for enterprise security expertise …

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  • VMware training videos are the bomb diggi-tay.

    VMware announces 24/7 certification learning library

    VMware has joined a growing online certification trend with the addition of a new all-hours learning library. The cloud and virtualization colossus announced the launch of its Learning Zone learning library on Nov. 18.

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  • IT certification and tech training has been a lifelong boon to Chelsea Johnson.

    Certification takes IT instructor to Afghanistan and back

    Rosa Mattress was trimming and raking shrubs on a hot summer day the first time she met Chelsea Johnson. “I looked up and two ladies in a car were driving up,” Mattress said. The driver was Johnson …

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  • How can you protect yourself from layoffs?

    Dear CertMag: I see layoffs everywhere. How can I protect myself?

    Dear CertMag: There have been a lot of layoffs in IT recently, with thousands of employees losing their jobs, even at some of the largest tech companies in the world. I know everyone’s individual situation is different …

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  • Use security passwords to protect your online transactions.

    Best Computing Practices 101: Improve your password security

    Is your most terrifying dark secret that you’ve used the same password on every website you’ve visited for the past 10 years? Are you worried about the security of your financial, e-mail and social media accounts?

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  • Utah Valley University is preparing to launch a graduate certificate in cybersecurity.

    Utah college prepares to launch post-grad cybersecurity certificate

    There’s ongoing debate in IT certification circles as to whether it’s more important for newly minted IT professionals to have a college degree or a fistful of certifications. There are strong feelings on both sides of the question …

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