• I'm bum-puzzled

    Are certifications worth it? It depends on what you mean by ‘worth’ and ‘it’

    On Dec. 15, Justin Rohrman published an article at TechTarget that asks a question many have argued: Are Certifications Worth It? The article is …

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  • Are social media certifications a valuable tool?

    Dear CertMag: What is the value of social media certifications?

    Dear CertMag: I’ve heard a lot about social media certifications recently. It doesn’t seem like something that would be worth all that much. Honestly, who doesn’t know about using Twitter, Facebook, etc. …

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  • Proper cooling protects your PC from heat damage.

    A guide to cooling PCs for CompTIA A+ certification

    The processor within a PC has evolved over the years, and with the addition of more processing power comes more heat in the case — and the need for more advanced cooling methods.

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  • Do you know as much about the cloud as you think you do?

    Addressing common cloud computing misconceptions

    Would you like to store this on your cloud drive? Cloud drive? Honestly, I didn’t even know I had a cloud drive — but the question really wasn’t surprising. Whether we realize it or not, the cloud …

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  • A dedicated certification student succeeds at a small tech college in Utah.

    CertStudent: Perseverance pays off for energetic teaching assistant

    At Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) in Lehi, Utah, Jed Patrick works hard at training his information technology students. Of those students, you will find no one more determined to succeed than Patrick’s lab assistant …

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  • Is the cloud as secure as we think it is?

    Why cloud data storage is secure — and why it might not be

    Nude photos of well-known actresses certainly garner attention on their own, but this summer they drew attention to an unlikely subject: cloud security. Private photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton …

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