CareerTours Introduces Recruiting Tools

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<p><strong>Phoenix &mdash; April 27</strong><br />Organizations wanting to reach passive candidates now can employ CareerTours&#39; new word-of-mouth recruiting tool, as well as audio and video tools that provide a &quot;day in the life&quot; experience for potential candidates.<br /><br />Both are part of a Web site relaunch from CareerTours, a national recruiting resource. </p><p>The company, which has helped employers recruit talent for the past two years, has enhanced its Web site to provide audio and video CareerTours along with the word-of-mouth recruiting tool to interest traditionally elusive passive candidates.<br /><br />According to the trade Interbiznet Bugler and recruiting experts, 70 percent of employable people are &quot;passive&quot; candidates, meaning they are not actively seeking a new job.&nbsp; </p><p>CareerTours&#39; word-of-mouth recruiting tool is a direct response to this hiring challenge. It enables companies to proactively recruit, tapping into existing networks and established relationships, including existing employees and previous applicants.<br /><br />Although many companies have brushed the surface of this with employee-referral programs, CareerTours takes the idea one step further by engaging employers&#39; entire networks and providing them with audio and video tours.&nbsp; </p><p>The tours provide a &quot;day in the life&quot; experience while keeping the employment brand intact as the messages are passed along.&nbsp; </p><p>One of CareerTours&#39; clients in Phoenix was able to generate more than 20,000 candidates by utilizing the tool to share their story.<br /><br />&quot;We have realized the potential of word-of-mouth recruiting, combined with audio and video CareerTours,&quot; said Aaron Bare, CareerTours CEO. &quot;Our clients are able to leverage all of the connections in their professional and social networks.</p><p>&quot;This has turned recruiting upside down for our clients &mdash; it has enabled companies to reach large amounts of passive candidates that are not on sites like Monster or CareerBuilder.&quot;</p>

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