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<p><strong>Phoenix &mdash; Sept. 20</strong><br />CareerTours, an online recruiting resource, announces that CEO Aaron Bare was recently interviewed by Peter Clayton on Total Picture Radio, a popular podcast known as &ldquo;The Voice of Career Leadership.&rdquo;<br /><br />Clayton was interested to learn about CareerTours and began the interview asking, &ldquo;What do you mean by frictionless recruiting?&rdquo; <br /><br />Bare responded: &ldquo;The concept is fairly simple. We put audio and video career &#39;tours&#39; together for companies as a way for them to differentiate themselves by communicating their culture and unique career opportunities, and candidates can experience companies through our audio and video tours.  </p><p>”We have broken down the friction in the online recruiting market and have created a simple and career-focused process for candidates, recruiters and companies. Our whole goal is to remove the friction in recruiting and change the way recruiting happens.&rdquo;<br /><br />Audio and Video CareerTours allow organizations to enhance their existing recruiting efforts and provide career seekers with a realistic view of working in a specific profession.  </p><p>By then using CareerTours&rsquo; word-of-mouth invitation tool, companies can send out their career opportunities to potential candidates with the audio or video attached, placing the audio or video CareerTour right in the potential candidates&rsquo; e-mail boxes.  </p><p>Companies will maximize their career exposure through CareerTours&rsquo; recent marketing partnerships &mdash; career opportunities will be cross-posted to these partner Web sites, including Google, MySpace, Indeed and others.  </p><p>Allowing companies and career seekers to &ldquo;experience&rdquo; each other through audio and video technology, communicating unique career messages with an audience of passive candidates and cross-posting all careers to maximize exposure are a few of the ways CareerTours is changing the way recruiting happens and is creating a &ldquo;frictionless&rdquo; process.</p>

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