Career Paths Through Staffing Firms: Which Direction Is Right for

When most people consider a staffing firm for help finding a job, they tend to focus on one of two career paths: project work or full-time positions.

What they often don’t realize is that many firms also offer a third option: a project position that can transition to full-time employment if both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. Here’s more information about each of the three job tracks and who is an ideal candidate for each one:

  • Project Work: Project work provides exposure to new technologies, work environments and companies, meaning constant opportunities to broaden your skill set and marketability. You also have greater control over your work hours because you can accept or decline assignments based on your availability.

Consulting isn’t for everyone, though. It’s best for people who thrive on change and can adapt easily to different corporate cultures. For example, you might be asked to assume a leadership role on a database project at a small insurance firm and then, at the next assignment, be a supporting player on a similar initiative at a large, conservative manufacturer. Whatever the assignment, you need to be able to fit in well at client companies, regardless of their unique requirements.

  • Project-to-Full-Time Work: Ever wish you could see what it’s really like to work for an employer before committing to a full-time job there? If so, project-to-full-time positions might be ideal for you. These roles give you the chance to “test-drive” a job, making sure you like…



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