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The career development forums have been particularly busy the first few months of 2008. This is, perhaps, not surprising, because fresh New Year’s resolutions come with fresh resolve to achieve them.

Career development is traditionally defined as how individuals manage their career moves between organizations, usually within the same industry but not always. For IT career development, it can also mean switching specialties: A new job or position in the IT industry can mean acquiring a whole different skill set.

Our forum members offer valuable insight into this challenging transition, as they represent a wide range of academic and career backgrounds, from someone breaking into tech support to an MBA candidate exploring his IT job options.

CertMag forum member NvizibleMan described his situation: “I’m currently in school for my B.S. degree for technical management from DeVry University Online with a specialization in network and communications management. I currently have no certifications, nor do I have real world experience in the field, except the work I do as a tech support rep. What kind of work should I start looking into right now or in the future? What type of work can I expect to get when I graduate?”

Forum member Wagnerk replied: “If I were you, I’d start at level 1 or 2 support; especially if you want to go into technical management. The thing is that hardly anyone finishes a degree and goes straight into technical management, especially if there is no previous experience. And…



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