Career Hedging is a Safe Bet

If someone told you to build an action plan, you might say, for what? And if someone told you to build an axe-tion plan, you’d likely be even more confused. Yet an axe-tion plan, where you actively plan to both get promoted and get fired simultaneously, might be the kind of strategic thinking that will keep you afloat and moving ahead in today’s increasingly volatile job market.

“Career hedging is balancing employment risks and rewards as professionals move through their careers,” said Robert Graber, president and CEO of “The risks are the downsides that you find in any workplace: downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, which can result in redundancy of staff, management changes and industry upheavals. While these risks are ominous, they also present the possibility for great rewards.”

These rewards or new opportunities to pursue different career directions and skill sets may not necessarily be outside an IT professionals’ current company, Graber said. In the event of a workplace event such as a merger or acquisition, the savvy IT pro might position him or herself for advancement by proving to be indispensable to leaders during the company’s culture or management change. This could result in advancement even though the organizational climate might be bleak otherwise.

“You can also think of different types of efficiencies or productivity improvements that might be undertaken during whatever the risks are, and turn that into a positive or a reward in your career,” he said.

The axe-tion plan, part emergency…

Kellye Whitney


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