Capital TechSearch: Looking for the Right Fit

The right mix of soft skills and technical expertise typically gets you the job, but at Capital TechSearch Inc., an IT staffing and executive search firm, it’s not just about your personality or your knowledge. You need to fit with a client’s culture.

“Our job is to understand the technical requirements, as well as the environment and the company culture,” said David Ingram, president and CEO of Capital TechSearch. “Some people are a good fit in a large organization with standards and processes in place, and some people are a better fit for an organization where they have to wear a lot of hats. It’s our job to determine during our conversations [with the candidate] what type of organization or environment is best for them.”

Capital TechSearch, which has a presence in Richmond, Va., Raleigh, N.C., and Washington, serves approximately 100 clients and potential clients primarily in the health care, financial services and government industries. Some of these organizations look for industry-specific skills, while others prefer to bring in candidates from any background.

The staffing firm recruits IT professionals for a wide variety of positions, but it has carved out a niche around application development in the .NET and Java skill sets. When a client reaches out for help, Capital TechSearch will work with that client to develop a requirement sheet that not only outlines the needed technical skills but describes the client’s corporate culture. Recruiters will then search for individuals who fit the bill.

“We may have a position…



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