Can MCAD Help Grow Your Career?

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The economy is growing, but slowly. Business opportunities are available, but they are tough to close. Unemployment is hovering around 6 percent. Budgets are tight. Is this a good time to pursue the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET credential? Absolutely!

Many businesses will gain significant benefits from having application development staff with the MCAD credential. Businesses providing application design and development services requiring the integration of disparate systems using the new .NET technology stand to gain the credibility of having staff with the MCAD for Microsoft .NET credential. After all, no one can point to having five, 10 or 20 years of experience with .NET because it is quite new. Combining programming experience with the MCAD for Microsoft .NET credential also demonstrates that the company is serious about keeping its technical staff abreast of new strategic technologies, providing the opportunity for truly noteworthy benefits to clients.

Companies with in-house development staffs will gain tremendous insight and improved implementation of .NET technology when in-house application design and development staff learn about creating .NET applications, the insight gained into the value the technology can provide, the best ways to use the technology, its limits, how .NET works with various types of hardware and more to an in-depth level. By gaining certification, companies are assured that their in-house development staffs have mastered the new technology and truly understand its benefits. It is these technical professionals who can provide companies with significant competitive advantages, save millions of dollars in development costs and guide the on-time delivery of new applications. In a fast-growing economy these are important benefits. In a slow-growing economy, achieving these benefits is a must!

Individuals working to enhance their application design and development skills on their own to gain employment or advance their careers will also reap considerable benefits. Since .NET technology is focused on helping to solve the age-old problem of joining disparate systems in a straightforward manner and most of today’s computing environments have many dissimilar systems, the need for .NET expertise is growing and will accelerate as the economy grows. When a company acquires or merges with another company, more disparate systems are usually introduced, and the two companies typically want to join computing operations as quickly as possible leading to more .NET expertise. These are only two examples of the many ways companies can benefit from using .NET technology to increase their competitive advantages, improve customer service, reduce costs or increase sales. Being certified in MCAD for Microsoft .NET will provide individuals with a strong credential, will further demonstrate their desire to learn and will show their initiative to stay abreast of new technologies.

MCAD for Microsoft .NET may be a highly overlooked credential to pursue. Many managers and development professionals may feel certification in application development for .NET is really not necessary. Their belief may be that they can demonstrate proficiency in joining disparate systems through the use of other programming languages. While this may be true, the .NET technology is significantly different from other technology available to be used in the past, and development professionals would be wise to not underestimate the need to learn about this new technology. The worst that can happen is an individual simply learns very quickly versus over a longer period of time. However, in both cases, the individual gains certification, which provides all the additional benefits mentioned above.

Companies should require their development staffs to pursue the MCAD for Microsoft .NET certification, and where applicable, individuals should pursue it on their own. The benefits to be received far outweigh the resources expended. There are also only three exams to pass, making this one of the less expensive certifications to obtain. If you want to grow your company, your career or both, now is the time to pursue the MCAD for Microsoft .NET credentials.

Denny Yost is the vice president of marketing at MindLeaders, a global provider of integrated, off-the-shelf, self-paced e-learning solutions, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1981, MindLeaders was the first company to convert all of its courses to native HTML for real-time presentation through the Internet, in what later became termed “self-paced e-learning.”


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