Calyptix Supports Event for Small-Business IT Professionals

<p><strong>Charlotte, N.C. &mdash; July 15</strong><br />Internet security firm Calyptix Security is focusing efforts on the small and medium business (SMB) marketplace by supporting SMB Nation&rsquo;s 6th annual Fall Conference. </p><p>SMB Nation is a tremendous resource and networking conduit for IT professionals dedicated to serving SMBs. The event presents Calyptix with a unique platform to showcase its all-in-one security appliance, AccessEnforcer. <br /> <br />SMB Nation will hold its conference on Oct. 4-6 at Seattle&rsquo;s Bell Harbor International Conference Center. As a conference sponsor, Calyptix will play an important role in the conference events, and AccessEnforcer will be one of the highlighted product demonstrations on the exhibit floor. </p><p>The firm is taking its commitment to small business specialists one step further by offering members of the community multiple chances to win a free conference registration from its Web site, each valued at $999. <br /> <br />AccessEnforcer is purpose built for the SMB market with all the necessary network security features needed for SMBs to address today&rsquo;s changing threat landscape. It is available for a single price from a single interface without seat licenses or hidden charges and provides seamless integration with Active Directory and reporting right out of the box. </p><p>AccessEnforcer is designed to leverage the value of Microsoft&rsquo;s Small Business Server 2008 that requires a separate perimeter firewall solution such as AccessEnforcer.<br /> <br />&ldquo;We think of our community as a three-legged stool: SMB Nation is one leg, the participants or the &lsquo;tribe&rsquo; is another leg and supportive sponsors like Calyptix are…



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