Calyptix Supports Event for Small-Business

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<p><strong>Charlotte, N.C. &mdash; July 15</strong><br />Internet security firm Calyptix Security is focusing efforts on the small and medium business (SMB) marketplace by supporting SMB Nation&rsquo;s 6th annual Fall Conference. </p><p>SMB Nation is a tremendous resource and networking conduit for IT professionals dedicated to serving SMBs. The event presents Calyptix with a unique platform to showcase its all-in-one security appliance, AccessEnforcer. <br /> <br />SMB Nation will hold its conference on Oct. 4-6 at Seattle&rsquo;s Bell Harbor International Conference Center. As a conference sponsor, Calyptix will play an important role in the conference events, and AccessEnforcer will be one of the highlighted product demonstrations on the exhibit floor. </p><p>The firm is taking its commitment to small business specialists one step further by offering members of the community multiple chances to win a free conference registration from its Web site, each valued at $999. <br /> <br />AccessEnforcer is purpose built for the SMB market with all the necessary network security features needed for SMBs to address today&rsquo;s changing threat landscape. It is available for a single price from a single interface without seat licenses or hidden charges and provides seamless integration with Active Directory and reporting right out of the box. </p><p>AccessEnforcer is designed to leverage the value of Microsoft&rsquo;s Small Business Server 2008 that requires a separate perimeter firewall solution such as AccessEnforcer.<br /> <br />&ldquo;We think of our community as a three-legged stool: SMB Nation is one leg, the participants or the &lsquo;tribe&rsquo; is another leg and supportive sponsors like Calyptix are the third leg. Without them, the stool definitely would not stand. Calyptix has gone above and beyond what most sponsors do in engaging the tribe with their generous giveaways of fall conference registrations. It shows they are making an investment in our community of professionals,&rdquo; said Harry Brelsford, CEO of SMB Nation. &ldquo;And our &lsquo;tribe&rsquo; recognizes their commitment.&rdquo; <br /></p>

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