Calyptix Launches Partner Programs for AccessEnforcer

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<p><strong>Charlotte, N.C. &mdash; April 1 </strong><br />Internet security firm Calyptix Security has launched its managed service provider (MSP) and reseller partner programs to enable IT professionals significant flexibility in delivering AccessEnforcer to their customers.</p><p> AccessEnforcer is the all-in-one security solution designed by Calyptix specifically to meet the needs of small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) for comprehensive and affordable network security that does not sacrifice performance or introduce unnecessary complexity. The annual subscription for AccessEnforcer includes all features, enhancements, service and support for one price without hidden charges, upgrades fees or seat licenses. <br /> <br />AccessEnforcer and the Calyptix Security Partner Programs have been carefully tailored so that Calyptix Partners can continue to operate as traditional resellers earning market-leading margins or transition to a managed services practice by bundling comprehensive security with their standard service offering. In either case, AccessEnforcer provides unyielding security that is easily installed, managed and maintained at an affordable price point in a fully integrated plug and play solution. <br /> <br />Calyptix has established an initial targeted membership level of 100 partners. With almost 25 partners added during the quiet phase of its launch, Calyptix expects to complete its initial expansion by the end of the year. Calyptix Resellers act as authorized sales agents and earn commissions starting at 25 percent that escalate generously with increased sales. Under the MSP program, each MSP partner is free to bundle the Calyptix solution with its unique managed service offering on its own economic terms to the end customer. Calyptix charges the MSP partner a hardware activation fee and a monthly subscription for each appliance that vary by model, beginning at $595 for the AE500 with a $25 monthly subscription.<br /> <br />&ldquo;AccessEnforcer&#39;s single console appliance is a valuable addition to our product suite because it adds extensive functionality without adding complexity,&rdquo; Mark Wertz, owner and chief technician of NetSouth, a reseller of Calyptix&rsquo; products and provider of network assistance for such needs as laptop repair, network project planning and Web design to small to medium-size businesses throughout the Southeast. <br /> <br />&ldquo;AccessEnforcer integrates easily into our existing services and simplifies quoting and revenue calculations. Our customers get hands-on attention and see immediate results within their networks and in productivity levels and work ethic among employees, so it is a win for us on all fronts. Calyptix definitely offers a reseller program that is unique within our industry,&rdquo; Wertz added. <br /> <br />&ldquo;We offer multiple benefits to our partners in our rich features, simplified offering, development input and revenue potential of our program,&rdquo; said Calyptix CEO Ben Yarbrough. &ldquo;Open dialogues drive benefits for everyone because we are in tune with our partners&rsquo; needs and the needs of their customers.&rdquo; <br /></p>

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