Call Center Investments in WOTs to Rise

Call centers’ spending on various workforce optimization technologies (WOTs), valued at approximately $800 million dollars last year, will increase to more than $1 billion in 2006, a new study conducted by independent market research firm Datamonitor reports. The analysis, based on briefings involving several vendors in this sector, also concludes that these investments will allow these organizations to enhance employee performance and improve customer service.

Workforce optimization technologies really consist of four different components, said Tom Pringle, Datamonitor technology analyst and author of the study. These four components are workforce management, which is scheduling and planning of agent resources in call center environments; e-learning, which is delivering content and learning breaks to personnel’s desktops; quality monitoring, which is recording some or all of the calls that come into the call center for later analysis by management or team leaders to assess performance of staff on the phone; and agent analytics, which is taking different metrics and different systems that measures performance of both individual employees and the overall call center.

The extent to which a call center will use one or a combination of these components depends on its structure and needs. For example, a company that has multi-site call-center operations with a centralized scheduling function to plan operations at various locations probably will require a solution distinct from that of a business with a single facility. “Different companies do different WOTs,” Pringle said. “Really, it’s about getting a solution that fits the requirements of the call…



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