Caliper Partners with SkillSurvey to Enhance Suite

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<p><strong>Berwyn, Pa. &mdash; May 17</strong><br />Caliper, a provider of human resources consulting and assessment, and SkillSurvey, a provider of Web-based reference checking, have announced a strategic partnership for the recruiting market.<br /><br />The two firms&#39; offerings will help third-party and corporate recruiters increase placements and ensure job candidates have the skills required to succeed.<br /><br />Caliper is an international management consulting firm that, for nearly a half-century, has assessed the potential of more than 2 million applicants and employees for more than 25,000 companies around the world. </p><p>Headquartered in Princeton, with a dozen offices worldwide, Caliper consults with executives from Johnson &amp; Johnson, Avis and some of the fastest-growing smaller companies around the world on hiring, employee development, performance management, team building, executive coaching, succession planning and organizational performance.<br /><br />SkillSurvey delivers on-demand reference checking via a proprietary online process. </p><p>The technology enables employers to efficiently, economically and effectively review applicants&#39; professional references using a 360 approach for assessing past performance. </p><p>SkillSurvey&#39;s confidential format, as well as 24×7 accessibility, increases response rates by an average of 50 percent over phone references and yields more usable information. </p><p>Recruiters save time and reach more references, and with 360-feedback, they are able to increase accuracy of hiring decisions.<br /><br />&quot;We are proud to partner with SkillSurvey, which brings the same level of accuracy, objectivity and depth to reference checking that Caliper brings to assessing and uncovering an applicant or employee&#39;s potential,&quot; said Herb Greenberg, Caliper president and chief executive officer. &quot;The closeness and depth of our relationship with our clients is what has been at the heart of Caliper&#39;s consulting approach, and SkillSurvey allows us to strengthen those relationships.&quot;<br /></p><p>Ray Bixler, SkillSurvey president and chief executive officer, agrees.</p><p>&quot;An organization&#39;s long-term success means focusing on &#39;quality of hire&#39; &mdash; getting the right person in the right position at the right time,&quot; he said. &quot;The synergy between Caliper&#39;s assessments and SkillSurvey&#39;s on-demand reference checking offers hiring managers an objective and highly predictive tool set for addressing this challenge.&quot;</p>

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