CCA Doubles Employee EAP Use at The NY Times

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; July 18&nbsp;</strong><br />Four years ago, The New York Times Co. tapped Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) to manage the EAP and work-life program for its affiliate companies.&nbsp; </p><p>Today, CCA serves nearly 10,000 Times Co. employees, including The New York Times staff.<br /><br />CCA was one of five companies that responded to a search by the Times Co. for an EAP and work-life provider that would replace its former vendor.&nbsp; </p><p>Of those five, CCA and another were finalists in the rigorous selection process. Both were judged on professionalism, case management system, quality control and scope of services.&nbsp; </p><p>The Times Co. ultimately chose CCA not only for its strengths in these areas but also its commitment to an active relationship that would bring counselors closer to the Times&rsquo; larger business locations. <br /><br />Since CCA&rsquo;s selection in June 2003, employee use of the company&rsquo;s EAP and work-life program has more than doubled.<br /><br />&ldquo;We were seeking an EAP where our employees would feel comfortable picking up the phone and making that first call to get assistance with a personal, family or workplace issue &mdash; we know that&rsquo;s a hard thing for people who are struggling,&rdquo; said Christine Jastrzemski, The New York Times Co. senior manager of corporate benefits. &ldquo;Another goal was to &lsquo;put a face&rsquo; on the program, to provide employees with more than an anonymous 800 number.&rdquo;<br /><br />Prior to CCA&rsquo;s selection, the Times Co.&#39;s human resources leadership identified two qualities as crucial to the success of a work-life program: follow-up care and the ability to identify individuals&rsquo; underlying issues.<br /><br />The CCA account team takes an active approach in managing the organizational side of the program &mdash; associates consult with HR executives and line managers on workplace issues, including employees who are trying to improve their performance, crises in the workplace, potential violence, harassment and reorganizations.<br /><br />CCA&rsquo;s team also joined the Times Co.&#39;s EAP and work-life committee, which includes HR executives at the major business units, to provide leadership and guidance. </p><p>This created a strategic alliance from the beginning, resulting in increased understanding, awareness and use of the program by both employees and managers. <br /><br />&ldquo;Our work-life philosophy is different from the typical commoditized approach,&rdquo; said Georgia Critsimilios, CCA vice president of sales and marketing. &ldquo;Instead of referring employees to arrange for their own care, we build a &lsquo;high-touch&rsquo; partnership where we manage and guide each case and offer intensive services for both employees and the organization.&rdquo;</p>

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