Buzzwords Your Resume Doesn’t Need

One of the most difficult tasks in your search for employment can be writing a resume that stands out. Not only must you communicate everything that’s crucial about your employment history, but you also need to do so in a limited amount of space. In order to accomplish these goals, many job candidates resort to buzzwords — terms they’ve seen on other resumes, industry jargon or even words picked from the thesaurus simply because they sound impressive.

While buzzwords may seem to add an air of credibility to your resume, they are often unwelcomed by hiring managers. The reason: Buzzwords are usually vague. A hiring manager may think you’re trying to hide something unfavorable about your work history or exaggerate your responsibilities or accomplishments.

Following are some buzzwords you should keep off your resume.

“Experienced in” or “familiar with”: Terms like these — which include similar phrases such as “extensive background in” or “working knowledge of” — do little to explain the depth of your experience. For example, if a job candidate claims to be “familiar with HTML,” does that mean the person knows how to use the language to program Web pages, is aware that it’s a language for coding Web pages or has simply heard of the term? And if the applicant does know how to program using HTML, how many years of experience does he or she have? Hiring managers will want to know the answers to questions such as these, so be specific when describing…



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