Butler Group Conducts Technology Audit

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<p><strong>Hull, England &mdash; Aug. 2</strong><br />Butler Group recently conducted a technology audit on eg solutions&#39; operations management software package eg work manager version 5.0, a key module in the eg operational intelligence software suite.&nbsp; </p><p>The audit highlights eg work manager version 5.0 as an offering that is highly in demand as a result of its capability to provide users with functionality that will improve customer service while improving efficiency and productivity.<br /><br />Butler Group points out that the software provides detailed real-time operations management information for resource management and work scheduling, allowing user to gain insight into interlinking factors that affect operational performance. <br /><br />According to Butler Group, the software allows for work to be planned, resourced and tracked through to completion, with the latest version of the software offering significant enhancements in the areas of case and end-to-end process management, quality, forecasting and executive<br />management information.&nbsp; </p><p>The audit states that users can see how a change in one factor, such as work volumes or resource availability,<br />will affect team performance in relation to other factors (e.g. customer service or the requirement for particular skills).<br /><br />Butler Group thinks the product is best suited to those companies that depend on clerical procedures and information processing to serve its customers, highlighting that eg solutions guarantees a fast return on investment (ROI) following implementation of the software.&nbsp; </p><p>eg allows its customers to retain a percentage of eg&#39;s fees, to be paid only when the anticipated results are achieved, and product prices are set based on achieving a two-to-one ROI in 12 months for the majority of clients.<br /><br />Other key findings of the report detail that eg work manager version 5.0 can be used independently of eg&#39;s principles of operational management, noting that these principles are based on well-known manufacturing production management techniques. </p><p>The report does, however, emphasize that eg work manager version 5.0 is ideally deployed alongside eg&#39;s<br />principles of operational management to achieve the benefits eg promises.<br /><br />&quot;We operate in a market that is replacing the gut instinct of management with the hard facts provided by operations management software,&quot; said Elizabeth Gooch, eg solutions CEO. &quot;With eg&#39;s software suite, we guarantee our clients will achieve dramatic improvements in customer service, quality and productivity. We are demonstrating that our software and methodologies can generate these improvements in many different markets &mdash; both in the U.K. and abroad.&quot;</p>

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