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Integration of various audio/visual gadgets, televisions, networks and other technologies into one all-inclusive system is big business these days, and I’m guessing it really picks up this time of year. Now that the holiday season is winding down, people are probably beginning to think about how to seamlessly combine all of the electronic gifts they got into their current arrangement at home. Or maybe they don’t even have such a system yet but are seriously considering one.


“Smart” appliances that can automate traditionally manual tasks as well increased compatibility between devices due to interface technologies like USB have exponentially increased the possibilities for home systems. Creative IT pros—often working in tandem with engineers and architects—have come up with some truly astounding, almost science-fiction-like ideas for houses of clients who were willing to pay top dollar. (For example, visitors to Bill Gates’ house are issued a microchip that adjusts the temperature of some of the rooms they enter to their own personal preferences.)


Now is the time to really sell people on that concept, in addition to your expertise in home technology integration (HTI). If you’re not conversant in this field, you should be, even if you already have a “day job.” This can be a great source of extra income that requires very little personal marketing on your part. (Much of the advertising in HTI is word-of-mouth, or word-of-mouse.) Also, smaller HTI projects won’t consume too much of your time, making it a very lucrative but not-too-demanding second occupation.


Incidentally, CompTIA offers a certification in this area for anyone who wants to bolster their skills—for more information, see Also, anyone in the Las Vegas area this week can check out the latest and greatest gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which starts today.

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