Build Relationships with Your Instructors

Whether it’s a college classroom, a certification boot camp or an employer’s training session, chances are that in the not-too-distant future, you’ll find yourself in a situation in which you’re a student. And when you do, you should take advantage of those circumstances and do what so many other learners neglect to do: Get to know your teacher.

Some of you might wonder why you need to talk to instructors. Isn’t it enough that you’re showing up for and paying attention to lectures? Well, sure, if all you want to do is pass the class.

But if you want to acquire deeper knowledge of the course content, get a bona fide explanation of the inner workings of your industry or gain a connection for future employment opportunities, then you should try to become acquainted with your professors, trainers, etc.

First of all, if there’s something in the class that you just don’t get, your teachers can help you grasp it through further elaboration right after class, during office hours or even (and I know this from firsthand experience) at a local tavern.

These one-on-one settings allow you to frame the discussion in terms you understand rather than passively receive information in ways that might be confusing as presented. In this way, you can clarity certain points, as well as get deeper knowledge fellow learners might not receive.

Further, many of your instructors will be able to give you a realistic look at the…



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