Brocade Introduces Its Compatibility Matrix

Brocade recently introduced a redesign of its certification program, which is referred to as the Matrix.

Joe Cannata, Brocade certification manager, explained how the overhaul began.

“Back in November of last year, we decided it was time to take the program to the next level,” he said. “We’d gotten a lot of feedback from our certified base — the end users, OEMs and partners and the employees, too — who said they wanted something more. We had our four basic certifications at the time, and we have a lot of people who basically got them all — professional certification junkies. There are those people in the industry who were looking for something beyond that, like, ‘OK, I’ve hit the home run, touched all the bases, but I need more.’”

Taking all that into account and factoring in a need for scalability and growth, as well as the company’s then-upcoming acquisition of Foundry, Brocade held a global job test analysis with its test development vendor and subsequently brainstormed and developed the Matrix.

“The idea here was to keep our classic certifications plus the four we inherited from Foundry, and introduce some new accreditations, which are our low-stakes exams,” Cannata said. “Those are for the niche products or the low-volume ones — things that don’t quite warrant the investment in a certification exam yet but could at some point — and we decided to build vertical tracks of competency focusing on specific areas like the data center, security, [and] IP networking,…



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