Bridging the Networking Skills Gap: Cisco’s New Entry-Level CCENT

The most compelling aspect of the human network is how it’s changing the way people connect with one another through communications infrastructures. As the network’s role expands to encompass areas such as IP telephony, video, security and wireless solutions, the pace of change reveals a pressing need for more qualified network technicians at basic and advanced levels.

A recent study commissioned by Cisco and conducted by research firm IDC found that in every major geographic region, there is a significant shortfall between the supply of qualified professionals and the demand for networking skills. In some regions of the world, demand exceeds supply by up to 40 percent.

Without well-trained people to implement new technologies, companies and individuals cannot enjoy the vast benefits of organizational and personal productivity.

Addressing the Skills Gap

This skills gap is a serious problem for many reasons. Most customers today want to deploy video, “telepresence,” mobility, unified communications and other technologies that enhance collaboration and reduce the cost of travel. These technologies and services are provided through a strong, highly secure network of routing and switching.

As the wave of technology adoption increases at growth rates of 15 percent to 35 percent, customers need to hire many more engineers to design and install networks for their companies.

Network upgrades are at an all-time high as companies prepare for the next wave of productivity services. Companies and network integration partners that do not have these skills will fail to meet their end-users’ demands,…



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