BrainBench’s Bench Games Promotion Ends

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IT pros who want to gauge their proficiency in technical and non-technical subjects alike at no cost have until Wednesday to do so. Online skills assessment provider Brainbench Inc. will keep its library of more than 500 certification tests open through May 31st as part of its Bench Games promotion, in which participants compete at individual, state and country levels to see who can amass the most successfully completed exams.


“This is the second year we’ve had the Bench Games,” said Mike Littman, Brainbench’s VP of marketing. “It’s a great for us to put together our Global Skills Report, which tends to get a lot of attention. It’s good for Brainbench and good for people outside of Brainbench who are interested in what’s going on in terms of where skills are.”


Since it was established, Brainbench has conducted about 8 million tests in areas ranging from finance to health care. Yet the majority of the company’s exams cover IT topics, as that’s where Brainbench started out. “The big ones are IT,” Littman said. “We came from an IT background, and it continues to be our dominant area. The skills we see the most tend to be programming for IT professionals. We see a lot of .NET, Java, Visual Basic and C++ show up. On the management side of things, we see more process-oriented skills—software testing and project management tend to be pretty popular. We also see certain call-center skills like listening and telephone etiquette.”


Even though the United States has dominated Brainbench’s users in the past, this could change by the end of the Bench Games promotion, Littman said. “We’re seeing an interesting phenomenon during these games. Historically, the U.S. has dominated our membership, but India has always been a presence. This could be the first year that India actually takes over as having the most certifications across the year, during Bench Games or at any point. I think that would make for an interesting report, but we don’t know how that’s going to play out right now.”


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