BPT Partners Launches CRM Certificate and Training Program

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a hot issue in the information technology industry these days, but there aren’t really a lot of training and certification opportunities in this sphere available to IT professionals right now. A new online offering from BPT Partners, an organization established by CRM experts, provides them with a much-needed resource in this area.

“We’re all wonderfully served by this industry, and this is an opportunity for us to contribute in a positive way,” said Bruce Culbert, managing partner and one of the founders of BPT Partners. “We’re a training and education company. We also do research and consulting, but our primary focus is to leverage all the best practices, years of experience and unique approaches and bring that together in a series of training and education offerings.”

The e-learning course, titled Certification in Applied CRM, features five modules that address five key issues involved in creating and executing a successful CRM strategy: strategy fundamentals, strategy deployment and application, delivering value propositions to the customer, change management, and technology selection and implementation. Participants are issued a certificate upon completion. “In this particular instance, it’s more of a completion criterion versus an examination criterion,” Culbert said. “There are a couple of drivers for that. As we go forward, testing competencies at the end is something we certainly want to do, but we want to have the lowest barrier to entry for professionals to be able to avail themselves from this.”

This program started out when…



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