Bored at Work?

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Am I kidding? No, not really. Many of us get a little blah with the day-to-day grind on the gig. Doing the same tasks or the same types of tasks every day can get monotonous even if you love your job and are good at it. If you don’t want to stay bored, there are a few things you can do that don’t involve spontaneous animal noises or other assorted hallway/cubicle shenanigans.

Cleaning and organizing always energizes me, not to mention gets things in shape so that when I get back to work things go easier, but I’m a Virgo so that may not work for everyone. In fact, there are probably quite a few “What is she, nuts?” looks on faces reading this right now. But you naysayers to organization/boredom therapy could always look for some more work to do, or better yet ask for some. I doubt you won’t get it, but if you don’t want more of the same, I suggest you do some investigating to see what interesting IT projects might be going undone for lack of some bored, yet innovative person like you to take them on and make them shine like new pennies.

Come to think of it, asking for more work probably won’t help you anyway. If you’re bored, you need more exciting work, not more work period. The September issue of Certification Magazine’s Virtual Village section discusses this very subject, so your first stay against boredom might be to log on to read what your peers say they do to keep from yawning. Of course, I’m certainly not advocating that you use company time to chit chat with strangers, even if it is in the company’s best interests that you stay engaged and focused on your work, engagement and focus being the antithesis of boredom, you understand. All I’m saying is, don’t get caught!

Here are a few more suggestions to cure the IT professionals’ boredom, all with the following codicil: Do not get caught being bored and wasting time plying these tricks!

Start a blog about how bored you are. Everyone needs a blog these days, and when you’re not bored you can talk about unboring things and stop boring others. Just be careful what you say about the company. Many organizations police the ‘net looking for blogs written by unsuspecting, bored IT staffers so they can sink their corporate teeth in and take a big bite out of your ass!

Bring as many funny pictures of you as a child as you can then make a collage for your desk with the caption, “They say you’re a baby twice in your life…” Leave it to others to fill in the elipses during conversation. It might while away a little bit of time, and the pictures should at least bring a smile to your face when people comment on what a cute toddler you were.

Discuss something retarded with a coworker who could care less in a very serious, even portentous manner. Proselytize if you want. After you piss the person off, chances are you won’t be bored anymore! By the way, this strategy works well for people who usually come in wanting to tell you all their business. Such people are rarely good listeners, which makes them all the more fun to torment.

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