Book Shares Secrets for Taking Advantage of Promotional Opportunities

<strong>Fort Worth, Texas &mdash; March 11</strong><br />You interview for your next job every day. Plain and simple. That&#39;s the key to getting promoted, but most people eliminate themselves from promotional opportunities without realizing it. What&#39;s the reason? <br /><br />In his new book, <em>Why Haven&#39;t I Been Promoted? Because You Interview for Your Next Job Everyday</em>, Tim Fancher empowers readers with effective advice for taking full advantage of those golden employment opportunities anytime they come knocking. His strategy includes dos and don&#39;ts that lead step-by-step up the corporate ladder.<br /><br />&ldquo;Why haven&#39;t I been promoted?&rdquo; is a common question in the business world. Many individuals feel confused. They have completed all the training, led projects, volunteered for extra responsibilities and did what they thought needed to be done, but still no promotion.<br /><br />"It&#39;s not a simple equation," Fancher explained. "Your day-to-day activities &mdash; your results, your interactions, the way you present yourself &mdash; are all things that can either help you or hurt you in advancing your career."<br /><br /><em>Why Haven&#39;t I Been Promoted? </em>breaks down the issue into multiple aspects, covering topics such as experience, goals, personal development, communications, results and first impressions. Fancher addresses what to do when you get an interview and even how to handle the promotion rejection, should it occur.<br /><br /><em>Why Haven&#39;t I Been Promoted?</em> is written from the company&#39;s perspective, not the employee&#39;s. What an employee believes is not always in line with what the company expects. Fancher explains how your career…



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