Book Helps Unlock Secret to Understanding Boss

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<p><b>New York &mdash; Feb. 28&nbsp;</b></p><p>Seventy-five years ago, a Harvard psychologist developed a personality profile test so accurate and so reliable, it remains the world&rsquo;s most popular profiling tool.&nbsp; </p><p>Used by millions of professionals in academic, military, governmental and corporate circles worldwide, it is known as the iDISC system for the four key behavior traits it identifies: dominance, interpersonal, steady and conscientious.&nbsp; </p><p>Now psychologist and consultant Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., has developed a new application of DISC&rsquo;s powerful principles that brings them into the 21st century and mainstream America too.</p> <p>Building on the science behind the DISC profile, Bradberry spent six years conducting a global study of more than 500,000 people and their personality traits.&nbsp; </p><p>His goal was to uncover the strategies and behaviors that lead to success and fulfillment in today&rsquo;s world.&nbsp; </p><p>He unveils his results in &quot;The Personality Code: Unlock the Secret to Understanding Your Boss, Your Colleagues, Your Friends &hellip; and Yourself.&quot; </p><p>Studies show about three-quarters of a person&rsquo;s behavior is explained by fixed and knowable core personality traits &mdash; an individual&rsquo;s &ldquo;code.&rdquo;&nbsp; </p><p>We can decipher that code but cannot change it, so the key to successfully navigating the world lies in our ability to identify our personality traits and make our strengths and tendencies work for us, not against us.&nbsp; </p><p>To do that, we first need to determine our DISC profile, which always has required administration and scoring by a trained professional &mdash; until now.</p> <p>In &quot;The Personality Code,&quot; Bradberry offers easy access to the power of DISC for the first time.&nbsp; </p><p>Using an innovative update of the system&rsquo;s principles and a groundbreaking online profiling system, Bradberry has created IDISC, a streamlined testing tool that can be accessed online for free with a unique identification number found in each copy of the book.&nbsp; </p><p>This 15minute online test gives readers immediate feedback with results that are explained fully in the book.</p> <p>Sharing the findings of Bradberry&rsquo;s six-year international study of more than half-a-million people, &quot;The Personality Code&quot; offers insights on human behavior, especially how it relates to work and careers.&nbsp; </p><p>In the process, it pinpoints 14 distinct combinations of DISC&rsquo;s original four main traits and offers readers practical real-life strategies.</p><p>Research shows people who increase their self-awareness through careful analysis and consideration of their personality profile are far more likely to reach their goals in all areas.&nbsp; </p><p>If they can discover the source of their strengths and learn how to sidestep a weakness before it becomes an Achilles heel, they dramatically improve their chances at success at work and in life.&nbsp; </p><p>In adapting the oldest and most respected personality-profiling test, &quot;The Personality Code&quot; supplies a simple yet scientifically grounded method to working smarter with others and profiting from better relationships in life.</p>

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