BioSignia Gives Companies Bottom Line on Health

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<p><strong>Research Triangle Park, N.C. &mdash; Nov. 20</strong><br />A one-page report developed by BioSignia can help employees stay healthier longer and save their employers millions of dollars on health care premiums and lost productivity. Developed by a leading technology company, “Know Your Number” is a breakthrough approach BioSignia is referring to as a disease-specific risk assessment (DRA) tool that transcends standard health risk assessments (HRA).<br /> <br />Rising health care costs are threatening the competitive capabilities of corporate America. Health insurance premiums since the late 1980s have skyrocketed, while overall inflation and workers&#39; earnings have only increased slightly in comparison. According to a recent American Institute of Certified Public Accountants survey, 99 percent of financial executives polled during a recent professional conference were concerned about rising employee health care costs.<br /> <br />In 30 minutes or less, Know Your Number takes information about employees, such as their weight, blood pressure, lifestyle habits and key blood tests, and produces a detailed report on their specific disease risks. Then, it uses a proprietary synthesis analysis to produce a detailed report on an individual&rsquo;s chances of developing specific diseases within the next few years. It&rsquo;s unlike any other HRA tool, because it uses a multidimensional approach by isolating individual and aggregate data on absolute risk &mdash; what is inherited and cannot be changed; relative risk &mdash; how you compare to your peers; and modifiable risk &mdash; things relating to your lifestyle and habits that you can modify &mdash; an individual&#39;s own unique risks &mdash; a health fingerprint.<br /> <br />Know Your Number is different from other HRAs in three ways:<br /><br />1. It focuses on the main disease killers.<br />While other assessment tools look at overall health, Know Your Number predicts an individual&rsquo;s risks of developing the &ldquo;big five&rdquo; chronic preventable disease killers in the U.S.: heart disease, diabetes, stroke, heart failure and COPD. Traditional HRA tools are mortality-based (your chances of dying from a disease as compared to a group of people with the same characteristics). Also, because Know Your Number measures disease directly, there is a greater chance to quantify the effects of interventions and impact future health care costs.<br /> <br />2. It shows what your specific risks are and how to reduce those risks.<br />This testing reveals what fraction of a chronic disease risk is modifiable and lets employees know what factors, e.g., lack of exercise and smoking, are contributing to the risks of developing specific chronic conditions. Know Your Number uses a proprietary technology, Synthesis Analysis, to deliver a multidimensional health risk assessment calculation that looks at all the risks, not just the overall risk. By singling out avoidable, modifiable and nonavoidable risk, Know Your Number provides the steps individuals can take to significantly reduce their risks.<br /><br />3. It compares you to your peers through an easy-to-read report.<br />Only Know Your Number addresses the multiple risk dimensions of specific chronic diseases unmatched by any HRA tool available. It also uses statistical software to help you learn how you compare to your peers. It allows you to understand your risks through a visually compelling colorful report that also helps individuals track their progress.<br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;ve signed contracts with solution providers and channel partners to reach companies like Waste Management, Chevron, Arvin Meritor, International Truck and Pepsi,&rdquo; says Dr. Tim Smith, CEO of BioSignia. &ldquo;Designed to help organizations achieve the most for their investments in preventive health initiatives, Know Your Number is a necessary tool to include in any companies&rsquo; health benefits planning.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Annual health care spending in the U.S. is approaching $2 trillion, approximately 16 percent of the gross domestic product. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 60 percent to 70 percent are associated with preventable conditions. Through Know Your Number, the projected five-year cost savings for companies using this solution with their employees can be very substantial. <br /><br />The CEO of a paper company could tell you the risk of a forest fire driving up the price of pulp, but he couldn&rsquo;t tell you what the risk of high blood pressure means in preventing heart disease among his employees. Too many Americans aren&rsquo;t aware of their health risks, but too many of their employers aren&rsquo;t aware of their companies&rsquo; bottom line concerning the health of their employees. Know Your Number fills the gap.<br /> <br />&ldquo;Every CEO tries to quantify [the] company&#39;s risk and issues quarterly reports on [its] financial health, but when it comes to their employees&#39; health, they are in the dark &mdash; companies lack the quantifiable number,&rdquo; says Smith. </p>

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