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BindView Corp., a leading provider of policy compliance, vulnerability management, directory administration and migration solutions, has partnered with Pearson VUE to provide BindView computer-based certification exams. The BindView certification exams, which test end-users’ understanding of the BindView product and solutions portfolio, will be available to customers through the global Pearson VUE Authorized Center network.

Through the new agreement, IT professionals can receive testing certifications for the BindView Certified Systems Administration (BCSA) and BindView Certified Security Professional (BCSP) examinations through Pearson VUE’s global network of centers. These certifications deem the end user capable of deploying BindView’s vulnerability management solutions within enterprise environments to help reduce system risk and increase operating efficiencies.


“We’ve found that over the last few years there’s a lot of customers out there who have our products but haven’t leveraged them. So we looked at ways of putting the training in the hands of the customers so that they really got benefit out of the products,” said Daren Glenister, director of global professional services, BindView. “We’ve also had a lot of feedback from customers who’d been through training to say that the training was great, but they really wanted to take it to an advanced level. So we looked at how we could build a road map to put that in the hands of the customers.”


Glenister said feedback indicates that customers are trying to not only look at the technology, but link BindView product training to the business issues they have to deal with. “Typically training classes are very much here’s the feature function benefit of the products, but how do I relate that to the business issues I’m trying to fix? Taking all of those issues, we looked at the training we had currently and then came up a new certification program, which would focus on taking the BindView technology and addressing business issues with that technology,” Glenister said. “The reason we went for certification and then ultimately for going through Pearson VUE and accreditation was twofold. One was to give customers advanced training so they truly understood the benefits, but also to provide our customers with the ability to say we have certification. We know that people are accredited to a very high standard of training and are able to address business issues using that BindView technology. We looked at various accreditation programs out there and realized that some of the programs out there are focused on the masses, just getting people through exams, and we decided that wasn’t the approach we wanted to take. We wanted it to be high-quality and something that is relevant to business.”


In response to customer requests for continuing education credits, BindView also announced a training agreement with the University of Phoenix, which provides undergraduate college credit and continuing professional education credit for earning the BCSA and BCSP designations. Customers looking to earn the BCSP and BCSA certifications are able to register online for certification testing at


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