Bill4Time Mobile Transforms iPhone, iPod Touch

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<strong>New York &mdash; Sept. 2 </strong><br />There&#39;s no argument that the attractions of the iPhone and iPod Touch are many and varied, but Bill4Time has raised the devices to a new level of business application. Now, both devices can be used to track a company&#39;s time, billing, scheduling and projects with Web-based time billing and case management system Bill4Time. The company has just announced its Bill4Time Mobile option will be included free with every Bill4Time subscription.<br /><br />With a simple interface and seamless compatibility with the iPhone and iPod Touch, Bill4Time Mobile allows the user to make time, expense, schedule and note entries for any client while on the move. And there is no syncing required: Bill4Time Mobile updates the user&#39;s Bill4Time account instantly as the entries are made on the iPhone or iPod Touch.<br /><br />”We are pleased to introduce Bill4Time Mobile to our clients who have been wanting to use their iPhones to make their Bill4Time entries,” stated Douglas Dweck, product manager for Bill4Time. “Once the user saves a Bill4Time Mobile entry, he or she can go to the Bill4Time site and see or edit everything that was just entered.”<br /><br />Bill4Time Mobile can also come in handy at a client&#39;s office. Through the “receivables” screen, the user can instantly see a real-time overview of any client&#39;s account, including current invoice and payment information. Similarly, the “projects” screen shows an overview of all work that has been done for each client.<br /><br />Bill4Time Mobile entries can be as detailed or as succinct as the user chooses. Schedule entries can be made for the day or the week, and time entries can be created directly from within any schedule entry. All entries made from the iPhone or iPod Touch will display a mobile icon on the user&#39;s Bill4Time site, and they are fully editable from within Bill4Time.<br /><br />”With Bill4Time Mobile, the iPhone and the iPod Touch become part of a powerful project management system,” said Dweck. “We&#39;ve all been in situations where, after getting back to the office, we have to reconstruct the details of what happened in a client meeting in order to track time. But for iPhone and iPod Touch users, on-the-go no longer means out-of-touch with accurate time and billing information.”<br /><br />iPhone and iPod Touch users can see for themselves how Bill4Time works with a free 30-day trial. <br />

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