BigMachines and Xactly Incent Managed Service

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<p><strong>San Jose, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Xactly Corporation, an on-demand sales performance management company, announced that BigMachines Inc., a provider of on-demand configuration and quoting software, is successfully using Xactly Incent(TM) Managed Service to outsource its sales compensation management process, end to end. The outsourcing of all incentive functions to Xactly has enabled BigMachines to strengthen its focus on its core business, achieve new operational efficiencies and more effectively use incentive compensation for competitive advantage. <br /><br />Designed for small to midsize companies with 50 or fewer payees, Xactly Incent Managed Service is an outsourced and managed service of Xactly&#39;s flagship Xactly Incent on-demand sales compensation management solution. Companies use Xactly Incent to automate and achieve real-time, Web-based visibility into incentive compensation processes. Like many businesses, BigMachines selected Xactly Incent(TM) to replace a labor-intensive spreadsheet-driven compensation process that diverted employee time and energy from higher-value tasks including selling.<br /><br />”BigMachines is growing rapidly and adding sales reps all the time,” said Godard Abel, BigMachines co-founder, president and CEO. “It&#39;s important that we keep sales focused on selling strategically and finance focused on improving cash flow and receivables, and not on manually calculating commissions. By outsourcing our sales compensation management with Xactly, we have one less thing to worry about and are enjoying a tremendous productivity boost across the company. Xactly Incent Managed Service scales with our growth, lets us create more effective compensation plans, and provides reps with accurate, real-time visibility into how they&#39;re being paid, where they stand and where they need to get to. This will also allow us to tighten our internal controls without adding head count to our finance and accounting team.”<br /><br />”It is always a pleasure to be selected by another on-demand software company, particularly one that is also in the greater sales performance management arena,” said Karen Steele, Xactly vice president of marketing. “Xactly Incent Managed Service leverages Xactly&#39;s deep domain expertise in compensation design and management, and offers fast-growing companies like BigMachines a proven methodology and best practices to use compensation strategically. In going with Xactly Incent Managed Service, BigMachines can now economically and flexibly drive sales performance and profitability, while concentrating its efforts on its core business processes.” </p>

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