Beyond Security: Only True Techies Need Apply

You know them all too well: They’re the curious kids who take apart their family radios just to see how they work. They’re the entrepreneurial teenagers who write code in their spare time. They’re the enterprising IT professionals who learn assembly language just for fun.

They’re true techies — and they’re the ones Beyond Security is looking for.

“It’s an attitude towards IT. We [want] people that were born with it,” said CEO Aviram Jenik. “You’ll hear a lot from our developers that it’s a hobby: They’re doing it because they like it, and the fact that they can actually get paid for it [is] a plus. They have a passion for technology.”

Finding people with this personality is important to Beyond Security — which has a staff of 30 in cities around the world, including Washington and Sydney, Australia — for a couple reasons. First, it signifies that an individual likely is an early adopter of new technology, which is helpful to a company that provides vulnerability assessment and management services because the employee naturally is inclined to tool around with new programs to find flaws and potential breaches.

“They’ll be developing technologies to test security systems, so they definitely need this hacker mindset,” Jenik said. “[Good security professionals] look at something and say, ‘How can we break it?’ And that’s basically what we need them to do.”

Second, a true passion for technology also implies a base level of interest and understanding that the company values above all…



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