BeAware Corporate Edition Brings Ease to Employee

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<p><strong>Philadelphia &mdash; June 12</strong><br />According to recent studies, more than 81 minutes of work time per employee are wasted doing nonwork-related computer activity. </p><p>As many as 13 percent of employees rack up more than two hours of blown time per day either in computer recreation or online activity. </p><p>In recent years, companies have turned to employee-monitoring software as a remedy, but most of those programs have proven to be difficult to install and just as tedious to use. </p><p>Now a seamless new &quot;workplace activity management&quot; application called BeAware Corporate Edition is being launched by Ascentive LLC to help companies increase employee productivity, eliminate time wasting and protect private company data with unprecedented ease. </p><p>&quot;Our clients have told us that they see unwanted Internet usage by their employees drop as much as 90 percent almost immediately after BeAware is installed,&quot; Ascentive LLC President Adam Schran said.</p><p>BeAware often finds that the employees whom management considers the top employees are many times the ones who waste the most time on their computers and online.<br /><br />BeAware can be easily installed over the network to each<br />employee computer using the included &quot;Remote Setup&quot; program and can track all employee PC activity with live, real-time monitoring of e-mails, Web surfing, chat and program usage.</p><p>BeAware reports can be viewed by user, department or enterprise, even remotely and can even send off automatic notifications when select words, Web sites or specific applications are accessed.</p><p>The software can run completely in stealth mode so it is<br />undetected by employees.<br /><br />Schran also points out that although most companies use an employee-monitoring application to prevent detrimental computer activity, a program such as BeAware can also be used as a monitoring tool to reward employees for great behavior. </p><p>&quot;It&#39;s now easier, almost effortless, for bosses to help make their companies more efficient and effective,&quot; Schran said.<br /><br />In addition to its remarkable application and ease of use, what sets BeAware apart from other monitoring applications on the market is that it uses less than 1 percent of network broadband usage, and other applications result in considerable slowdown after<br />installation. </p><p>Other BeAware Corporate Edition benefits include:</p><ul><li>Detailed reports that help managers find problems quickly and easily.</li><li>Workgroup deployment of any size. </li><li>Optional &quot;private time&quot; feature that allows employees to take care of personal business during approved time (great for lunch breaks).<br /></li><li>Tracking of employees who work in the field, at other company sites or on the road.<br /></li></ul>

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