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The New Year always seems to bring change, and with the opening edition of 2005, Certification Magazine bids adieu to “Final Thoughts” columnist Martin Bean, who has been with our publication since its formative issues. For nearly five years, Martin provided CertMag readers with judicious, explicable guidance on emerging technologies, certification and training, the IT job market and a host of other topics. Martin, along with his always insightful, always relevant column, will be missed around here. As they would say in his native Australia, “Cheers, Martin!”

“Final Thoughts” is a hard act to follow, but, undaunted, we have devised a new closing piece for Certification Magazine: , aimed at facilitating participation of our audience in developing editorial content. We conceived this page with you, the reader, in mind; in fact, this is really your page. Every month, we’ll base the page on pertinent reports, suggestions and a smorgasbord of additional information, including a look at’s always interesting (though unscientific) Web poll. Hopefully, much of this information will be provided by readers like yourself.

We’re launching this column with a topic that we know our predecessor, who serves as the chief operating officer of IT training company New Horizons, will appreciate: how IT professionals like to learn.

Interestingly enough, the favorite IT learning technique among most IT professionals is also the most low-tech, generally speaking. Oddly, e-learning is less popular for IT professionals, though it’s the technique most closely related to the IT profession. Isn’t it ironic? (Don’t you think?)

To see a breakdown of various training methods and other learning practices, visit

To assess your learning style, see

To figure out which modality corresponds to your learning style, see

Brian Summerfield is associate editor for Certification Magazine. What are your suggestions, comments, etc.? Let Brian know about it at


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