Be a Top Performer, Even Under Pressure

Uncertainty about the ongoing recession, worries about job security and larger workloads are just a few of the issues on IT professionals’ minds. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but the following tips can help you stand out as a top performer, even during the most stressful times:

Keep a to-do list. When you’re juggling several assignments at once, you risk letting some slip through the cracks. By putting together a to-do list with project descriptions and deadlines, you’ll be better able to prioritize and anticipate problems down the road. Look at your list as soon as you arrive at work so you can plan accordingly and focus on the most pressing issues first. Update the list as you complete assignments or are handed new ones.

Avoid procrastinating. It’s always tempting to put off working on a project that you don’t want to do or that demands a lot of time. The problem is that these tasks can linger in the back of your mind and increase your stress level. So instead of ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room, tackle it head-on. If you need to, break the project into smaller parts; this will make the task seem more manageable. In addition, reaching frequent milestones will increase your motivation to finish the rest of the project.

Stay flexible. With many companies operating leaner, it’s likely you’ll have to switch assignments at the drop of a hat. Embrace new challenges and use them as opportunies to demonstrate your flexibility and team-first…



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