Be a Campus Know-IT-All

As a student, you’re rarely at a loss for questions. Indeed, an inquisitive mind is at the root of all learning — and the better the queries, the richer the experience.

But there are some instances when you might find yourself uncharacteristically mum. For example, when it comes to assessing the role of information technology in your curriculum or daily campus life, you might not know what to ask.

Enter Educause, a nonprofit organization created to improve the use of information technology in higher education. In partnership with the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Educause developed a handy guide to help students evaluate IT on campus.

“This is thought to be a set of questions to help [students] think intelligently about the IT environment at schools they’re considering,” said Peter DeBlois, director of programs and media relations for Educause, which has 17,000 active members from more than 2,250 colleges, universities and educational organizations.

While DeBlois said the primary audiences are prospective college students, the campus IT organization and the admissions office, the publication – called the “Student Guide to Evaluating Information Technology on Campus” – also could be useful for students considering or who have recently selected IT as a major.

“There are so many reasons why institutions have different computing organizations, based on their size, institutional mission and so on,” DeBlois said. “It’s not to rank them, but to help students and parents…



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