BB&T Improves Success of Training Programs

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Nashua, N.H. — Jan. 16
A year after implementing Eedo ForceTen America’s 11th largest bank, BB&T, is reveling in the success of its learning and development programs.

Since using Eedo Knowledgeware’s learning content management system (LCMS), BB&T has been able to move 55 courses online, employees are finishing their courses sooner (within 30 to 60 days), delinquency rates have declined by an average of 70 percent and they have saved a considerable amount of money by moving away from a mainframe system.

“With 29 training centers, 29,000 employees and more than 1,500 branch locations throughout 13 states, we needed a flexible and scaleable system that allowed us to quickly author new content and push it to employees easily and directly,” said David VanSchooten, e-learning manager at BB&T. “For example, a client transfers to a new branch and must be assigned to a new relationship banker. ForceTen allows the bank to train staff on how to transfer that client’s data through Web-based software.

“Support from Eedo has made our implementation as successful as it is. The quality of ownership of their support team is a key differentiator,” added Mr. VanSchooten.

“Our latest research shows that the ability to share and reuse content is among the top 10 drivers of the business impact of learning,” said Josh Bersin, president of Bersin & Associates, a research and advisory firm focused on enterprise learning and talent management. “Critical factors such as time to market, customer service and performance proficiency are all tied to efficient and effective content strategies.”

ForceTen Features That Are Driving BB&T’s Success:

  • Content creation: BB&T moved from a rigid structure to one that is flexible and scaleable. Now content is engaging, timely and more accessible. The team can import, view and manipulate any variety of media and graphic content including Flash files.
  • Regulatory and compliance: With 50 percent of course material pertaining to regulatory and compliance training, BB&T needed a system that would allow them to easily track and trace activity.
  • Search/storage: BB&T invested the time to develop a robust taxonomy structure that enables them to easily search existing content, which is stored in one central repository.
  • Repurpose: Production time has been reduced because the team can reuse/repurpose content. BB&T is now able to reuse modules rather than creating new content from scratch. This has significantly reduced the time required to produce content.
  • Dissemination: BB&T can quickly author and push the training via their Intranet, regardless of location.

“In the financial sector, the ability to streamline compliance and new product training are key drivers for choosing a best-of-class learning and knowledge system, like Eedo ForceTen,” said John Hudson, president and CEO at Eedo Knowledgeware. “Likewise, they need a system that will help to keep content current and engaging and also provide them with the tools to easily and accurately manage records. The team at BB&T is truly committed to improving their programs and Eedo is pleased to be a partner with them in their success.”

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