Bamboo Solutions: Prioritizing Flexibility

As a plant, bamboo has been around for millennia, used for everything from making and eating soup to building and reinforcing skyscrapers.

As a company, Bamboo Solutions Inc. has been around for 13 years, and while it can’t help you make and eat soup, it can help build and reinforce Web development.

Bamboo Solutions is a small but growing IT company offering organizations Microsoft SharePoint-based software and support. Founded in 1995 and based in Reston, Va., this company of about 100 employees is focused on IT engineering and providing software for IT people. With offices in Europe and Vietnam, Bamboo has a customer base of more than 3,000 people and sells its solutions in 38 countries.

The IT operations for Bamboo Solutions are both internal and external. IT professionals are needed to run help desk support for customers and employees, as well as to manage the server infrastructure at the Reston location and abroad. Therefore, when hiring IT professionals, Bamboo looks for flexible, well-rounded individuals who have the ability to adapt to multiple roles and look beyond just filling in specific positions.

“We’re growing fast, so it’s the kind of environment where somebody would come and expect to be doing many different things and not to fit into one single slot,” said Michael Tanner, CEO of Bamboo Solutions Inc. “We tend to look for people who are willing to solve problems, whether it’s part of their job or not. They have to work within the team structure to make it…



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