Balance Between IT Control and User Flexibility Needed for Enterprise Innovation

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<p><strong>Long Beach, Calif. &mdash; June 1</strong><br />Laserfiche, in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), presented &ldquo;Balancing Control and Flexibility: IT Strategies for the Enterprise,&rdquo; at the Forrester IT Forum in Las Vegas &mdash; driving efficiency with enterprise innovation, while reducing IT costs to improve integration and productivity was the focal point of the event. <br /><br />The EIU survey, part of research titled &ldquo;Disciplined Autonomy: Resolving the tension between flexibility and control,&rdquo; revealed that the more employees feel empowered, the more productive they tend to be. <br /><br />&ldquo;On the one hand, you&rsquo;ve got well-educated knowledge workers who bring tremendous expertise and experience to their jobs, and they&rsquo;re perfectly capable of figuring out the best way to do it, said EIU Senior Editor Dan Armstrong, who presented the research findings. </p><p>&ldquo;On the other hand, you have strict processes and controls that address compliance and legal risks. As long as there&rsquo;s transparency into employee activities, there&rsquo;s often no need to impose strict processes and control, which can inhibit innovation and drive away talent.&rdquo;<br /><br />The Forrester IT Forum brought forth the business value for leveraging IT to adopt new sales channels and support the next generation of IT professionals. <br /><br />&ldquo;Business leaders today are focused on cutting operating costs and increasing profitability, investing in the right business technology tools can help organizations deliver greater business value across the enterprise, while addressing regulation, compliance and security needs,&rdquo; said Chris Wacker, Laserfiche senior vice president of business development.<br /><br />More than 1,000 business technology and enterprise architecture professionals, including CIOs were in attendance. And 80-plus Forrester analysts led sessions in nine comprehensive role tracks that were designed to provide role-specific guidance on communicating the value that IT brings to the business. Laserfiche was a Gold sponsor at this event.<br /></p>

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