Backup Child and Elder Care Options Will Make Loyal Employees, Says Poll

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<strong>Shelton, Conn. &mdash; March 19</strong><br />Employers looking to boost the commitment levels of their employees would do well to consider offering them access to a backup child and elder care program, according to a new poll by LifeCare Inc., provider of comprehensive specialty care services. Eighty-eight percent of all working parents responding to the online poll said that having access to an employer-sponsored backup care program would make them much more/more loyal. Here are the full results of the poll, conducted throughout the month of February on LifeCare&#39;s private Web site among employees of its 1,500 client organizations:<br /><br />As a working parent, how would having access to an employer-sponsored backup child and elder care program affect your loyalty to your employer?<br /><br /><ul><li>Would make me much more loyal &ndash; 61 percent</li><li>Would make me more loyal &ndash; 27 percent</li><li>Would make me a little more loyal &ndash; 5 percent</li><li>Would not make me any more loyal &ndash; 6 percent</li><li>Other &ndash; 1 percent</li></ul><br />"It&#39;s well-known that backup care programs help employers reduce their absenteeism and productivity losses, but now we know that backup care also can significantly enhance employee loyalty," said LifeCare CEO Peter G. Burki. "With such a strong return on investment, it&#39;s no wonder that the number of employers offering backup care has doubled year after year recently."<br /><br />LifeCare and its backup care partner, Children&#39;s Creative Learning Center (CCLC), offer clients access to the Backup Care Connection program that helps individuals make backup care arrangements in advance so that they aren&#39;t forced to arrive at work late, leave early or take the day off when their regular care arrangements fall through.<br /><br />"We believe that the strategic partnership with LifeCare gives our existing clients access to the most comprehensive industry solution that includes back up care for well and mildly ill children as well as older adults," said CCLC CEO Ty Durekas. "Employers are recognizing that intergenerational issues are creating challenges for employees and are offering them resources to support their work-life balance."<br /><br />CCLC and LifeCare&#39;s Backup Care Connection program offers solutions for both child and elder care, provides direct placement in a facility or with an in-home caregiver and features a nationwide network of nearly 2,000 certified child-care facilities and 75,000 credentialed in-home caregivers.<br />

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