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At the end of May, we at CertMag ran a small promotion, something that regular visitors to the website and readers of Certification Magazine can expect to see again from time to time. We got a strong response to our end-of-school-year celebration, which involved our promise to send a free CertMag flash drive to quite a few of you, and provide a free Google Nexus 7 tablet to three very lucky winners.

Happy certification from your friends at of all, about those flash drives: We apologize that it’s taken us a while to get them shipped, but we’re happy to announce that each of you who participated in the promotion can expect to see one in your mailbox by the end of next week. (It may take a little longer for the 44 of your who don’t live inside the United States.) The flash drives have a 2 GB storage capacity, and come with a little reminder of and Certification Magazine. We hope that you find them useful in your certification and other IT endeavors.

(Note: We’ve done our best to send a flash drive to everyone who’s eligible to receive one. Quite a few people never sent us a mailing address. Of the ones who did, many did not enter a complete mailing address. Telling us to reach you at “P.O. Box 1884″ is a good start, but leaving it at that renders you essentially impossible to find.)

We pulled three names out of a hat to receive our trio of Google Nexus 7 tablets. (After one of our initial winners proved impossible to contact, we had to draw a fourth name.) We like to get to know people, so we queried our big winners to find out a little bit more about who they and how certification has impacted their lives. One of them didn’t respond, but we sent her a tablet anyway: We hope you enjoy it, April Vaughn of North Carolina.

The next of our three winners on the other hand, Michael Murillo of El Paso, Texas, was kind enough to share a few details about himself. Michael, who said that he’s “50 going on 25″ (we love the positive attitude, sir), is a self-described “technology fanatic.” He’s working on a graduate degree and also currently hoping to land a full-time job. Wherever Michael ends up, he should be a little bit more equipped to confront and conquer technology challenges with his new Google Nexus 7. “I plan on using my new tablet for school, work and play,” Michael said.

Our final winner to claim a tablet is Patrick Heming of Pasadena, but probably not the Pasadena you’re thinking of — Patrick is from Pasadena, Md. (Show of hands: How many of you already knew that there’s a Pasadena in Maryland? Yeah, we didn’t either.) Patrick, 26, is a computer networks and security major at University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Patrick has a strong interest in network administration, so he should particularly enjoy next month’s Certification Magazine. He’s particularly interested in virtualization, and also has bent for Linux system administration. He plans to make good use of his Google Nexus 7. “Depending on the day,” Patrick said, “I would probably either do homework or download this ‘Hill Climb’ app I’ve been wasting precious minutes on.” Download away, Patrick — all work, no play, etc.

Thanks again to everybody who participated. We hope you enjoy your CertMag CertSwag, and we hope to see you around these parts in the future.

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