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Although the Association of Web Professionals (AWP) has closed its doors, its certifications will remain available. Jupiter Systems Inc., which provided the online system to deliver AWP certification tests, has formed a partnership with the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) to continue certifications offered by AWP.




SIP is an international nonprofit organization made up of professionals and organizations involved with the Internet. SIP has traditionally offered the Certified Member of SIP (CMSIP) designation, which is granted based on approved educational standards as well as industry expertise and other requirements.




AWP offered three Web professional certifications: The Certified Web Technician (CWT), the Certified Web Designer (CWD) and the Certified Web Manager (CWM). Those who hold these certifications can contact SIP to find out about how to have their certification registered with SIP. This requires joining the organizations, which requires a $150 membership fee. AWP-certified professionals will be exempted from taking the CMSIP Foundations exam, though they must meet other requirements.




CWT certification verifies that the candidate is able to build and maintain a Web presence, including administration, security networking infrastructure and ongoing support. The CWD credential is targeted at professionals who research, plan and design Web pages. CWD responsibilities include designing pages that incorporate usability and cultural factors. The CWM designation is for those who coordinate the planning, creation, organization, implementation, measurement, maintenance and control of a Web site. CWMs are proficient in business practices, communication skills, people management, logical process and programming fundamentals and relevant technology for Web sites, databases, content publishing and related technologies and protocols.




For more information on these certifications and how to transition your AWP credential into SIP’s program, visit



Emily Hollis is associate editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at 

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