Avoid Independent Contractor Misclassification

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<p><strong>San Francisco &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />With government agencies turning up the heat on worker misclassification, companies across the United States are feeling the pressure of 1099 compliance. In an effort to help businesses nationwide, Secure Talent, a 1099 compliance and payrolling firm headquartered in San Francisco, has officially launched. Providing worker classification and payrolling services for companies that engage independent contractors, Secure Talent is an affiliate of a national $200 million corporate services provider.<br /><br />Jeff Phelps heads Secure Talent, serving as president and founder of the organization. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Phelps has dedicated the past eight years of his career to specializations such as 1099 compliance, payrolling and risk mitigation.<br /><br />&ldquo;Worker classification and 1099 compliance issues are gaining national media attention due to some very high-profile cases in litigation right now,&rdquo; says Phelps. &ldquo;Our services are tailored to prevent these types of situations, so businesses can avoid financial disaster when faced with an audit or lawsuit.&rdquo;<br /><br />Secure Talent&rsquo;s services are multifaceted and begin with an in-depth risk assessment that illustrates the costs, risks and resources associated with a company&rsquo;s 1099 contractors and contingent workers. Based on findings, Secure Talent tailors evaluation, classification and payrolling services to address the individual needs of a client.<br /><br />&ldquo;Secure Talent&rsquo;s services are consultative by design,&rdquo; says Phelps. &ldquo;Our recommendations consider the goals and needs of our clients, so we&rsquo;re able to minimize risk without compromising talent. We see ourselves as workforce advocates and try to anticipate the next step for each business, independent contractor and payrolled worker we serve.&rdquo;<br /><br />Secure Talent&rsquo;s evaluation and classification services help businesses integrate sound processes with a high-tech computer-based program. What makes Secure Talent&rsquo;s services unique at this phase is the hands-on approach it employs to complement its technology component. Two experts at Secure Talent review the results of every evaluation to ensure absolute compliance with federal and state guidelines.<br /><br />Secure Talent also serves as employer of record, assuming employer obligations and mitigating risk for independent contractors who are deemed &ldquo;not compliant&rdquo; during a professional evaluation. Secure Talent&rsquo;s complete payrolling services offer companies flexibility in contractor and contingent worker relationships. In addition, Secure Talent&rsquo;s 1099 managed services simplify the resource-intensive administration associated with 1099 workers by managing contracts, 1099 issuance, and invoice and payment processing.<br /><br />&ldquo;Now is the time for sophisticated compliance services,&rdquo; says Phelps. &ldquo;Secure Talent exists to safeguard resources, simplify work life and help companies enhance relationships with independent contractors and payrolled workers without the worry of risk.&rdquo;<br /><br />Secure Talent plans to announce the addition of several key employees in the coming weeks, serving principal roles in the company. &ldquo;These industry leaders will add tremendous value to Secure Talent, its goals and services,&rdquo; says Phelps. Team members will be announced in the weeks to come. </p>

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