Avilar Releases Competency Model to Support

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<p><strong>Columbia, Md. &mdash; May 29&nbsp;</strong><br />Avilar Inc., a provider of competency management and e-learning solutions, has released its workforce competency model for organizations initiating talent management and competency management programs. </p><p>The competency model includes a skills dictionary of more than 200 professional, leadership and occupational skills, clustered in more than 40 skill groups. </p><p>The dictionary can be used as is or customized to the specific needs of the employing organization. </p><p>The competencies in the model serve as the common thread when integrating elements of talent management such as recruiting, training, performance management, succession planning and career planning.</p><p>&ldquo;Competency models serve as the foundation for strategic workforce planning and all talent management activity,&rdquo; said Christine Hipple, Avilar director of workforce solutions. &ldquo;In developing the competency model, we followed Avilar&rsquo;s guiding principles that our solutions be grounded in best practices and practical enough for contemporary organizations with limited resources to achieve meaningful results. </p><p>&quot;We have been practitioners so we naturally put great emphasis on the functionality aspects of everything<br />we do. This model is derived from decades of HR and training experience across a variety of sectors.&rdquo;</p><p>With Avilar&rsquo;s workforce competency model, organizations have a starting point for integrating talent management activities and can achieve faster results in their workforce<br />strategy. </p><p>The competency model includes well-defined professional and leadership competencies such as manages conflict, exerts influence and negotiates agreements. </p><p>It also includes occupational competencies in finance, manufacturing, customer service, human resources, training, sales and marketing. </p><p>It is available as a printed report as well as in electronic data format that can be imported into HR systems such as PeopleSoft, Lawson, Oracle and SAP, and competency management systems such as Avilar&rsquo;s iSkills.</p><p>&ldquo;Interest in building a competency foundation has grown as more organizations have begun to align their talent management activities,&rdquo; Avilar CEO John Skowlund said. &ldquo;Competencies are the glue that holds talent management together. Without a solid competency model, the pieces will certainly come apart.&rdquo;</p><p>In addition to the workforce competency model, Avilar offers competency consulting services and a Web-based competency assessment tool. </p><p>Avilar consultants have decades of experience and work with clients to apply competency management best practices to all aspects of talent management, from targeted employee selection through skills assessment, development planning and performance management. </p><p>For professionals new to competency management, Avilar consultants offer an interactive daylong workshop called Competency Management 101: Competency Models that WORK, which helps participants understand the complex process of starting a competency management initiative and break it down into manageable steps. </p><p>Avilar&rsquo;s Web-based competency assessment tool, iSkills, allows organizations to manage and tailor competency models, create Web-based assessments, analyze organizational skill gaps and identify training needs. </p><p>In addition, employees can create individual development plans (IDPs) with learning resources recommended based on the skill gaps.</p><p>Further, managers can use iSkills to search for employees with specific skills, experience and other characteristics to fill open positions or assign project teams.</p><p>&ldquo;By offering this model we expect to provide a foundation that puts competency management within reach for more organizations,&rdquo; Hipple said. &ldquo;If we accomplish one thing, we hope it is to show people that competency management isn&rsquo;t as daunting as it might seem. It is, in fact, an achievable goal even with limited resources.&rdquo;</p>

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