• Career guidance SQUARE

    Seeking career guidance and certification advice from strangers

    Numerous times over the years I have seen posts from individuals on forums asking for suggestions on which certification track they should pursue to kick-start their career. Sometimes these are from people looking to change careers …

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  • What's the worst that could happen? A new recertification policy from Oracle.

    Oracle’s new recertification policy: A calamity of Biblical proportions?

    The Oracle Certification Program recently announced a significant policy change. A number of certifications related to older releases of the Oracle database now require candidates to recertify in order for their credentials to remain active. The policy affects 11 certifications for release 9i and older that will require action by Nov. 1, 2015. Another five …

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  • oracle_11g SQUARE

    Is it always best to certify in the latest release of Oracle?

    Recently I participated in a discussion about which release certification candidates just starting the Oracle DBA track should pursue. Robert Freeman, author of Oracle Database 12c New Features from Oracle Press and OCP: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-063 from Sybex had started the thread with the assertion that, barring a …

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  • Are you ready for the new SQL Expert exam from Oracle?

    Oracle’s SQL Expert exam slated for facelift Sept. 15

    Of the more than 200 certifications offered by Oracle, their SQL Expert credential ranks in the Top 10 most popular according to a blog post by Oracle University. This is no surprise to me — knowledge of SQL is an extremely valuable skill and the SQL Expert designation is useful to both DBAs and developers. …

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  • Writing a skills resume

    Building an Interview: Find the right person for the job

    In a prior CertMag article published June 2nd — How to train your assistant: Certification makes the minion — I was just starting the process of hiring a developer to act as my backup. The wheels have been turning slowly, but it has reached …

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  • You can tune a data center, but you can't data center a tuna.

    Comparing and contrasting Oracle tuning certifications

    I have known people to say that with enterprise databases, speed is everything. These people are dead wrong. With enterprise databases, data availability is everything. Committed transactions should never be lost, and a properly administered database should be able to recover rapidly from all manner of failures that damage the database. Oracle’s data integrity controls …

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  • How do you stand out without any experience?

    Is experience the most important arrow in your IT quiver?

    It is tempting to state that job experience is universally acknowledged as the single most important factor when evaluating a candidate for a position as an Oracle Database Administrator. The universe is a really big place, however, and there is an exception to every rule. In 20 years of working with the Oracle database, I …

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  • Handful O' Tablets SQUARE CROP

    There is virtually no excuse to lack hands-on experience

    For the past 15 years or so, I have had a problem with operating systems. My primary computer is always running a recent version of Microsoft Windows. It is the OS that is invariably the one available in the offices where I work. I often have a project, however, that requires some other operating system. …

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  • Certification can be an excellent tool to bring a new coworker up to speed.

    How to train your assistant: Certification makes the minion

    The senior management at my current employer has decided the databases I have created over the past five years are now critical enough to the business that it would be really inconvenient if I were to be hit by a bus. I have no backup, and no one else there has any idea how to …

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  • Computer script THUMB

    To script or not to script, that is the question — for DBAs

    Recently I was asked whether a person pursuing a career as an Oracle database administrator needs to have knowledge of scripting languages. One answer to that question could be no — if the potential DBA is someone who really likes performing the same basic tasks over and over, day in and day out. Said person …

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