• Take these steps to keep your data secure.

    How to avoid the five most common causes of data breaches

    Organizations around the country lost over 250 million records in data breaches during 2013 alone. This startling statistic, compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, corresponds to more than one record for every adult American. Those records include credit card numbers, health information, employment data and other sensitive information that may lead to identity theft for …

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  • Knowing — and implementing — a few simple fixes can keep your enterprise a step ahead of IT security threats.

    Security 101: Know the basics of eternal vigilance

    This feature first appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of Certification Magazine.

    “Boss, I think that someone got into my system.” Those are words that no computer user ever wants to utter, and no manager ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, they are heard in offices around the world every day. Last year, the Center for Strategic …

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